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We were touring Havana in a 1957 Buick covertible. While stopped in traffic, I noticed this lady sitting on a wall. I immediately knew it was a good shot so I snapped the photo. Our driver said the lady was an example of the many desperate people in Cuba; hence the title I chose for the image. This image has been juried into a number of art exhibitions and has received several awards, including best two-dimensional work at the Sarasota Art Center and First Place in the Lakewood Ranch Digital Photography Club Annual Salon Competition. 

Alaska Wildlife

Shooting wildlife is an exercise in patience and lot of luck. I like my wildlife photos to show the subject doing something interesting in their natural habitat.  These images were made during trips to Alaska.

Florida Wildlife

Florida is a wonderful place to photograph wildlife. These images were made while visiting natural habitats at Myakka River State Park, Venice Rookery, and various beaches on the Florida's west coast.








The great white egret is commonly found all over Florida. This particular speciman is looking for a mate. The fine feathers are the adult's breeding plumage and the pose will hopefully attract a like-minded egret. 




Roseate spoonbills are common along the gulf coast. This wading specimen, photographed at Myakka River State Park, is feeding on small fish and invertebrates.

The alligator is the most famous critter that roams Florida fresh waters. It is also the mascot of the University of Florida where our granddaughter is a student. This particular image hangs on her apartment wall in Gainesville.





Herons are plentiful in Florida waters.  This guy just snatched a small catfish from the Myakka River.




Brown pelicans are as plentiful as pigeons in New York City. These guys are fishing along Siesta Beach. When they spot fish, they dive headfirst into the water and scoop up their feast.






We were lollygagging on a small boat in Little Sarasota Bay when I spotted this brown pelican circling over the water. I knew he was stalking a fish so I got my camera ready. He dove into the water and came up with this giant fish that stretched his pouch to its limits. It must be 18 inches long.  He got the fish positioned in his pouch and in one motion he strectched out his neck and it went down the hatch.








This osprey was nesting with its family in a light tower above a lacrosse field where my grandson was playing lacrosse. He was out for a soar above the game on a bright sunshiny day when I took this photo.




Red Herons must be pretty rare in Florida because this is the only one I have ever spotted. They are much smaller than the great blue and tri-color herons.

Scenic Views From Parts Of The World

Annapolis Sailboat Races in Spa Creek

Tree In Terraced Rice Paddy in Japan




Glacier In Alaska's Inside Passage









Golden Palace - Kyoto Japan



French Alps


Grand Teton National Park





Cluny Sarbonne Metro Station - Paris

This photo was selected for Honorable Mention in the Washington Post Travel Photo Contest. The signatures on the ceiling are those of famous artists who once frequented this area of Paris.

Sherwood Forest, Maryland








DUMBO (Brooklyn, NY) stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. This scene is a view of the Empire State Building through the bridge supports. I've seen other photos of this scene, but I've never seen one that captures a crowd taking in the view.




Sa Calobra - Mallorca, Spain

This is a classic cycling climb in Mallorca. I took this photo after taking a ferry to the dock at the bottom of the mountain and then cycling the 9.5KM, 7% climb to the top.

I spent days planning this photo of a supper moon over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. I knew to expect the moon to rise at the far left of this frame, so I got as many images as I could from different angles. I liked this angle the best, but the moon was not in the best position and it was too small, so I moved it and made it bigger.

This is the view from Monet's bedroom window overlooking his garden in Giverny. I tried to make it look like a impressionist painting.


Loire Valley, France



Comanche, Montana



This is the Story Inn in Story, IN. It's supposed to be haunted.  I like the photo partly because it appears that one can see through the second story facade to see the trees behind the building. But those are acually shadows of trees located across the street behind the photographer (me). 


I decided make the Story Inn appear more accommodating. The photo of the little girl in the middle window upstairs was taken in Belize and the photo of the old lady in the upper right window was taken in Cuba. My dog, Boris, is on the front step.







A market someplace in France








Kennecott  McCarthy, Alaska.



Kennecott is located about 300 miles east of Anchorage. It is the site of the original Kennecott Copper Mine. It is now preserved and is being gradually restored by the US Park Service. This photo shows the 14-story ore concentration tower.




Other Images That I Like



This is my granddaughter during an archery session at Sherwood Forest Camp. Note the logo on her shirt.

On the grounds of the Ringling Museum in Sarasota is Mable Ringling's Rose Garden. I shot this on a rainy day and the water droplets are authentic. 

This critter loved the butterfly bush in my front yard.







We saw these ladies in a window in Venice, Italy. Judy told me she thought they would make a great picture.

This is an image taken at the Sherwood Forest Girls & Boys Camp. For the younger campers there is a class titled, Great Books. The camp counselor is Ann Wilson, who is a life-long resident of Sherwood Forest and who has been a camp counselor for many, many years. She's now in her 80s. Her only job as counselor is Great Books. She only reads one Great Book --- The Adventures of Robin Hood.  Notice in this photo how the campers are paying very close attention to illustrations Ann is showing them.





I saw this little girl walking with her mother along the boardwalk in San Sabastian, Spain. I love the expression.





Every Sunday at around sunset, a drum circle gathers on Siesta Beach. Folks come to watch, dance and play bongos. This lady was performing some sort of dance of the veils. She seemed to be having a great time, "Dancing Like Nobody is Watching"




I was sitting at my daughter's kitchen counter when I decided to take some photos of some lillies she had in a vase on the counter. This is the stamen of one of the flowers. I have entered this in a number of contests and juried exhibitions. It usually wins something. I call it "Susan's Lily."


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